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Beanstalk Computing Receives 2011 San Diego Award


Press Release


San Diego Computer IT Support:Beanstalk Computing Receives 2011 San Diego Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, October 18, 2011 — San Diego Computer IT Support:Beanstalk Computing has been selected for the 2011 San Diego Award in the Computer Servers category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2011 USCA Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USCA and data provided by third parties.

About U.S. Commerce Association (USCA)

U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) is a New York City based organization funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. The purpose of USCA is to promote local business through public relations, marketing and advertising.

The USCA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to be an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.

SOURCE: U.S. Commerce Association
U.S. Commerce Association
Email: PublicRelations@uscaaward.com
URL: http://www.uscaaward.com

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Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows 8: The future is Metro

Microsoft has recently released Windows Phone 7.5 and will soon be releasing Windows 8.  Both use the same type of interface so your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers will all run a new interface and all run new apps called Metro apps.

Now that Microsoft has bought Nokia, researched are predicting Microsoft will be number two in phones behind Google and beating what will become the number three player, Apple.  I think that Blackberry is going down and WebOS is dead, leaving just those three left.

Paul Thurrotte is a well respecting blogger in the Windows community with his SuperSite for Windows and has this to say about Windows Phone:

“Windows Phone is the most useful, usable, and innovative smart phone platform available. It’s nicer than the old-fashioned “whack a mole” iPhone user interface, which forces you to jump in and out of individual apps over and over again, like we used to do in MS-DOS. And don’t get me started on Android: Google hasn’t found an interface that’s not worth stealing, and Android is a patchwork of inconsistent yet vaguely familiar user interfaces. It makes me feel dirty just using it.”

And finally, Microsoft has release a first of many videos showcasing Windows 8 as below:

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Beanstalk Computing Partners with Datto for Hardware Based Backup and Disaster Recover

Today Beanstalk Computing announces a partnership with Datto and now offers our clients a premium disaster recover solution.

Beanstalk Computing can now provide true business continuity, eliminating downtime on your business’s network.  When your server goes down, we can have you up and running in seconds with instant virtualization.  When disaster strikes, every second counts.  Taking days to recover information and get computer systems up and running translates into money lost – and likely, the end of your business.  With Beanstalk Computing’s backup solution, your company can be back up and running in just seconds.

This is the only backup and disaster recover solution that offers instant on and off site virtualization, backup verification and true business continuity.

Call Beanstalk Computing today for a free 30 day trial of our newest and most powerful backup and disaster recover solution at 800-813-0926


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Mechanical Switch Keyboards take you back to 1984

Back in the day, it all started with the IBM Model M Keyboard.  These keyboards were built so well many of them are still used today, while the computers and monitors of the day are obsolete.

Most computers these days come with a freebee dome-switch keyboard and I have been typing on these most of my life.  They are inexpensive to make and pretty much everyone on earth types on one of these things.

I am typing on my new mechanical switch keyboard.  Based on technology from 1984, these keyboards use real switches underneath each and every key.  Most modern mechanical switches are made by a company called Cherry Corporation out of Germany.

A mechanical switch keyboard reminds me of the keyboard I grew up with in the 80’s on my dad’s IBM computer.  It is very comfortable to type on and has a satisfying click when the key is depressed but be warned, these keyboards tend to be loud and should not be used in an office environment as demonstrated in this video.

I chose the Razer BlackWidow keyboard because of its excellent review on Newegg TV as shown below.  For a review of 8 other high end keyboards check out MaximumPC.com article here

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The Spotify Music Service Has Landed in the U.S.

Finally, after launching in Europe almost three years ago, Spotify launches in the US.  What is Spotify?  It is a free (or paid premium) music service that combines the best of Pandora, Google music, rhapsody and amazon into one service.  As or right now, you have to sign up to be on the waiting list for a free account or you can pay $4.99 and up to get started immediately.  Click here for more info.

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Netflix, Nintendo bringing movies – and eventually 3D flicks – to 3DS

Nintendo and Netflix announced a new partnership

From NYDailyNews.com: http://www.nydailynews.com/tech_guide/2011/07/15/2011-07-15_netflix_nintendo_bringing_movies__and_eventually_3d_flicks__to_3ds.html

Maybe that standalone streaming Netflix subscription won’t be completely overpriced after all. At least if you own a Nintendo 3DS.

On Thursday morning, Nintendo and Netflix announced a new partnership to bring streaming movies to Nintendo’s fledgling 3DS console, a move that seems like a boon to both companies, and means that you will eventually be able to watch 3D movies on the go.

“Nintendo is a terrific partner with Netflix,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement. “We’re excited to extend the partnership to include streaming on Nintendo 3DS.”

The announcement comes just days after Netflix unveiled a new subscription plan that will charge separate $7.99-a-month prices for DVD-by-mail and streaming services, essentially a 60% price hike from the company’s old all-encompassing $9.99 plan.

Yes, that meant plenty of badwill (who wanted to pay more money, really?), but the extension to 3DS consoles could bring a little bit of good. Netflix draws 1.5 million users a day on the Nintendo Wii, so both companies have already experienced success.

A free downloadable Netlix app is now available in Nintendo’s eShop to make this all happen. The program will launch with a basic library of Netflix offerings, but Nintendo said in a statement that customers would “soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses.”

That effectively brings a whole new level of content to Netflix’s streaming services while simultaneously revitalizing the 3DS market. Sales for Nintendo’s newest portable have been less-than-stellar, but on-the-go 3D movie content could easily inject life into the market, possibly drawing movie fans who are not even into gaming.

The 3DS has already shown itself capable of presenting quality 3D movies; a “Green Lantern” trailer was available for download about a month ago, and a “Yogi Bear 3D” trailer shined at a few pre-release events.

“The new Netflix application looks great, plays great and is a fantastic consumer experience,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “. . . Nintendo 3DS truly offers something for everyone.”

Nifty, right? Just keep a few things in mind that you’ll need WiFi access to enjoy all that streaming content (forget your underground subway commute), and you’ll need to fork over that $7.99 a month.

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Windows 7 Universal Disk / Windows 7 USB Disk

Back in the days, with Windows Vista, you would get one disk that would install all four versions of Vista such as Home Edition, Business Edition, Etc.  With Windows 7, you now need to carry 9 different DVD’s as there are five 32 bit editions and four 64 bit editions as well.  Now with a special utility that removes one file from the disk image you can hark back to the days when you could install any version of Windows from one 32-bit and one 64-bit disk so you only need to carry two disks instead of 10.  The utility that removes the ei.cfg file, the single file on the disk that needs to be removed to unlock its potential, can be found here.  Note that you have to have a .ISO file image of the disk and can not edit on the disk directly.  To create a .ISO file from your existing disk I recommend Magic ISO Maker.



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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Released


Windows 7 Service Pack 1 was released recently, and Beanstalk Computing can help your business keep up to date with this service pack in your organization.  Clients that are on our regular maintenance agreement will receive this upgrade as part of their regular maintenance package.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is simply a conglomeration of previous updates delivered over windows update making it easy to get your computer up to date in one package.  Unlike some previous updates for Windows XP or Vista, this update does not provide any major underlining changes or added features to Windows 7, so it is not very exciting but still recommended.  It will be automatically installed if you have automatic updates on, or you can download the full package here.

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Impressive Tech at the Consumer Electronics Show

Jason Brooks from Beanstalk Computing reports back from CES 2011 in Las Vegas. Jam packed with cutting edge technologies from hundreds of companies, here are our favorites.


Samsung: World’s Largest FullHD 3D LED TV at 75 Inches

Samsung demonstrated the worlds first 75 inch 3D LCD TV.  This prototype television was being oogled by lots of people trying to work out if they could fit it in their home and how many of their own children they would have to sell in order to afford it.

Samsung 75 inch TV
Beanstalk Computing Covers the Samsung’s Booth


Panasonic: Worlds Largest 152 Inch Plasma 3D Display

What can I say, this thing is MASSIVE.  Unbelievable, but can anyone afford it? It is in Panasonic’s Professional series, and costs half a million dollars!

Panasonic 152 inch TV
Beanstalk Computing Covers the Panasonics Booth


Samsung: 27 Inch 3D Computer Monitor

computer monitor

3D was huge at CES this year, but mostly in TV screens.  What about computer monitors? There have been a few monitors around over the last year, but they were based on NVidia’s proprietary technology.  Available in March 2011, Samsung has created the first 3d computer monitor for use with any computer.  Samsung’s SA-950 3D monitor will allow users to be able to enjoy 3D Movies, 3D TV and user-created 3D content like 3D photos and 3D videos.  Even better, the technology in the display can automatically analyze and render 2D content in real-time to stunning 3D!

3D computer monitor
Beanstalk Computing Covers Samsung’s 3D Computer Monitor


Intel Sandy Bridge Architecture

All other processors cease to matter in the wake of Intel’s new high-performance CPUThe Winner of CNet’s Best of PC Technology Award

tech award

Intel’s Sandy Bridge renders all previous quad-core and dual-core processors obsolete in both performance and price.  Intel has added a video processor (GPU) on to the same die as the CPU.  With the CPU and GPU on the same chip, this will allow for smaller and less expensive laptops, tablets and desktops to have 3D performance built in for gaming, FullHD 3D viewing, sharper smoother HD video, 1080p wireless video to your TV and more.  Buy your new computers at Beanstalk Computing for a fraction of the price.

Note: When shopping for a new computer, make sure the sticker has a yellow line through it, the only discernable way to know that you have the second generation Sandy Bridge processor.


Sandy Bridge processor
Beanstalk Computing Covers Intel’s Sandy Bridge Booth


Microsoft Multi Touch Mouse

Available in May 2011, the technology in this mouse makes it easier to control your computer using multiple fingers.  The multi touch gestures maximize your efficiency in Windows 7, see how in the video demo below.

multi touch video demo
Microsoft Touch Mouse Demo


The LG Booth

Looking for super slim monitors, touchscreen technology and breathtaking design?  I found it all at the LG booth.  I went back every day just to marvel at the technology, beautiful presentation and energy at the booth.  I will never look at LG the same. Check out this video:

LG touchscreen monitors
Beanstalk Computing Covers the LG Booth CES 2011

The House of Marley


Surprise!  The Marley’s (Bob Marley’s Family) announced a new line of eco friendly headphones and iPod docks at CES 2011 ranging from $29.99 to $499.99 , and bonus, we got to see them perform live!  I know what my next pair of headphones will be…Marley headphones. See their full product line here.

Marley line of headphones
Beanstalk Computing Covers Marley Tech at CES 2011
Marley Bros at CES
Beanstalk Computing Footage from House of Marley Booth

Toshiba Eyeglass-Free 3D Laptop Prototype

Watch 3D without the glasses!  We saw quite a few displays, including large TV’s from LG, Sony and Samsung, Smartphones from Sharp, and the Nintendo 3D DS, but the most interesting was the Toshiba laptop.

The Toshiba laptop is unique because it monitors your eyes with a webcam and focuses the 3D image to where you are looking at the screen.  This helps adjust the 3D effect to your specific location.  Now, don’t get me wrong, using glasses still looks much better on larger displays.

There were three types of 3D technologies at E3 2011

1. “Active Shutter” 3d Glasses – This is the most common type of 3D display you will see, and provides the highest quality 3D image, especially on larger displays. The disadvantage is that the glasses are expensive at $100+ a pair.

2. Passive 3D Glasses – These are the kind used in movie theatres and on some new lower priced TV’s from LG (who now has both active and passive TV’s in their lineup.)  The glasses are much cheaper ($10+) bringing down the total cost.  But the 3D resolution is cut in half compared to active shutter systems.

3. Eyeglass Free 3d – Still in its early stages, and better suited for small displays.  The 3D depth and clarity are the lowest, but this type of display is more convenient for laptops and smartphones.

4.  Easter Egg: You can watch 3D YouTube videos NOW with 3d Anaglyph (red/cyan) glasses here

3d youtube videos with anaglyph
Beanstalk Computing and Toshiba Eyeglass-Free 3D


Sony 3D Bloggie: 3D Video Recording for the Masses

Want to record 3D movies at home? Now you can for only $249.

This competitor to the Flip cameras adds 1080P FullHD recording, and a 2.5 Inch 3D display that doesn’t require glasses based on parallax barrier technology, similar to what lenticular printing produces for printed products.

flip camera
Beanstalk Computing and The Sony 3D Bloggie

Marchon 3D: Hi-Def Premium 3D Optics

Best San Diego Company

image3D optics

Starting at $30, Marchon 3D makes “passive” polarized 3D glasses with a curved lens. For about $100 you can buy a pair that double as sunglasses, the lens automatically darkening in bright light. Passive 3D is used in all movie theatres so bring these stylish glasses with you.   These glasses will work with the affordable new batch of passive 3D TV’s announced at CES.  They will also be bundled with future Vizio sets.

Motorola Atrix 4G Phone and Docks

Turn your Android Phone into a Laptop

turn your phone into laptop

Imagine having the flexibility of your phone turned into a laptop or TV.  This phone can morph into a laptop allowing to access your data and the Internet more conveniently.  Got a presentation, simply plug your phone into a monitor or TV.  You can even use your own keyboard and mouse.  Great for people on the move that don’t want to carry multiple devices.

laptop doubles as phone
Beanstalk Computing Covers the Motorola Atrix 4G

Casio Tryx

CNET Best of CES Design Award Winner

casio camera


A completely unique design, this camera can swivel, tilt, or hang allowing you to capture the perfect moment.


swivel and tilt camera
Beanstalk Computing Covers the Casio Tryx


Beanstalk Computing’s CES Bonus Footage

bonus CES footage
Beanstalk Computing’s CES 2011 Bonus Footage
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