girl with nintendo ds
Free Nintendo DS Games!

So you just got yourself a cool new Nintendo DS Lite. Now you need games. Do you really want to go out purchasing games for $20-$40 each? Do you really want to carry around dozens, if not hundreds of game cartridges with you everywhere you go? Of course you dont! Here is what to do.

Step 1: Download hundreds of game ROMS for your DS from the website Nintendo-ds-roms.

Step 2: Purchase a SuperCard DS which will allow you to copy all your ROMS to an SD card and play them on your DS. A 2GB card can hold 128 16MB games or 64 32MB games.

Step 3: Download a FlashMe – DS Firmware Patch / Hack which will hack the firmware on your DS to allow you to play downloaded games

Step 4: Patch the Nintendo DS game to work with the GBA flash card with the software here

Step 5: Follow the instructions on the same page to copy the ROMS from your computer to the DS.

Alternatively, you can run the games on an Emulator on your computer directly, but this doesn’t work for most retail games.