Windows Vista Activators
Windows Vista Released and Cracked

So Windows Vista has been released to manufacturers and has already been hacked. How do you hack Windows Vista?

1. Get your hands on a copy of Windows Vista RTM (Release to Manufacturers)
2. Download the Vista Activators 1 AIO CD
3. Install Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit edition with any version (Basic to Ultimate are all on one DVD from Micrsoft) without entering a product key (This will give you a 30 day trial version)
4. From the Vista Activators CD select the “RTM Crack Nov 18th”
5. Follow the directions in the text file created by Dr. Hisham
6. This crack will allow you to use a Vista RC2 product key, if you dont have one of these keys, generate one here
7. You can now enter the product key and activate with Microsoft. Your product key can be used up to 10 times!