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Microsoft Office Live: Free Web hosting and Accounting Software!

Microsoft is now giving away for free web hosting. The service is called “Office Live Basics” and includes a domain, a 500MB website, and 25 company-branded e-mail accounts with 2GB of storage in each account. The price can not be beat!  If you would like to upload your existing site, as well as have 1GB of webspace and 50 email addresses, you have to upgrade to “Office Live Essentials” for $19.95 per month. In my opinion, it would be cheaper to transfer your web hosting provider to the MS hosting beginner package which is $2.99 per month, with 10GB of webspace and 600 email accounts.

Microsoft is also giving away Office Accounting Express 2007 for free to compete with Quickbooks. Everyone uses quickbooks, and I guess they feel like the only way to compete with Quickbooks is to give away the competition.

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