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IT Support Tool: Know your network – For Free with Spiceworks

For you IT support companies out there, this is HUGE! This FREE software will allow you to audit your entire network! “For Windows PCs, the product reports the manufacturer and model, hardware configuration, available hard drive space, TCP/IP settings, and installed software, services, and Windows hotfixes.”

“Better yet, however, you can also run reports with the information it gathers, letting you see, for example, all machines that lack antivirus protection, or all machines with Microsoft Office installed. You can also have the software alert you via e-mail when certain conditions occur, such as when a printer’s ink supply drops below 10 percent or if a hard drive is low on space. This sort of reporting and alerting is just the sort of handy force-multiplier that can really save an overworked IT department’s bacon.”

The interface is a web based interface, and when you install it you can configure what port you want the software to run on, if you are running it from a server, I would choose a port other then 80 as something is most probably running on that port.

Also, if you run the tool at the client site, you can move the Database to your laptop for further review by following the instructions here.

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