techmentor conference flier
So I just got back from three days of technical training in San Francisco at the Microsoft TechMentor Conference. I learned a lot about Server 2008, Vista SP1, and TONS of other stuff. My favorite speaker and author was there, Mark Minasi , and my second favorite speaker was Greg Shields. I recommend picking up any and ALL of Mark’s books.

Here is a link to ALL the session slides and audio clips!

Log in with username: TMSF08 and Password: SFNtwk (both are case-sensitive)

The following classes were the ones I took and recommend them all!

Windows Administration Section

  • Fundamentals of Failover and Load Balancing Clusters
  • Active Directory Fundamentals
  • System Recovery: The Good, the Bad, the Lifesaving
  • What’s New in Vista/Server 2008 Administration

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

  • The Best Free Tools for Windows Server Troubleshooting
  • Inside Vista’s First Service Pack

Practical Security

  • Intro to Hacking and Countermeasures
  • Repel the Crackers – Best Practices in Securing Windows Passwords
  • Inside Windows Logons
  • Windows Vista: The Hidden Truth

Windows Server Technologies

  • Unveiling What’s New and Exciting in Server 2008’s Terminal Services
  • When and Where to Use Virtualization
  • Hardening Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory

Also Recommend but did not attend:

  • Troubleshooting Windows Crashes and Hangs
  • Migrating from XP to Vista: Don’t Fear, Stop Waiting, Here’s Why!
  • Windows Server Backups: New Tricks for an Old Need
  • Active Directory: Group Policy Fundamentals
  • Terminal Server Fundamentals
  • IIS 7.0 Fundamentals
  • Become a Disk Management Guru with Vista and Server 2008
  • Intro to USB Stick: Remote Communications and Portable Applications
  • USB Stick: Network Analysis
  • USB Stick: Penetration Testing
  • Current Wireless Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Social Engineering
  • Active Directory in Windows Server 2008 – Designing, Integrating, and Implementing
  • Best Practicies in Managing the New Windows Event Log
  • Managing DNS in a Server 2008 Active Directory Environment