Pandora and RhapsodyThe two music services you will EVER need
For those of you not fully introduced to Pandora and Rhapsody, these are the two music services you will EVER need. You never need to buy music again, and they are both legal! Let me explain each.
1. Pandora “is a music discovery service designed to help you enjoy music you already know, and to help you discover new music you’ll love.” And the best part is, its completely FREE! It is advertising driven, so no money needed from you. Simply enter an artist or song that you like, and you will create your own personalized radio station based on what you type. Pandora will play artists and songs similar to what you have typed allowing you to experience and discover new music that you will like! (It even works on the iPhone!)
2. Rhapsody For everything else, there is Rhapsody. Unlike iTunes, where you HAVE to buy a song in order to listen to it, Rhapsody uses a subscription model. For about $15 a month, you have access to their entire collection and can stream or even download unlimited songs for free! Note that the downloaded music can only be played if your subscription is active or you choose to actually buy the MP3 version of the Sony for about 1 buck a track which I NEVER do myself. With Rhapsody to Go, you can bring your music or even radio stations they have with you everywhere you go (This does not work with apple products, but with many others.