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Game Boy DS Plus A4 = Unlimited Gaming for about $200

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Game Boy DS Plus A4 = Unlimited Gaming for about $200
So I recently got myself a new Cobalt and Black DS. This Dual Screen portable gaming system is the newest Nintendo Game Boy and has been out for a few years with a hefty supply of games availalbe. But each game sells for $30, and then on top of that you have to carry around each cartridge you want to play with you. What if I told you there was a way to get every game made and for the price of the DS itself plus two more games? Here is what you gotta do:
  1. If you dont already have a Game Boy DS, head over to Amazon and pick up the new DS Lite Cobalt and Black (Or any other older color) for $129.99
  2. Also order the DS Revolution V4 3rd Generation from Amazon for $64.99 (This is a cartridge that fits in the DS and within it is a MicroSD slot)
  3. Get a MicroSD HC card on amazon (4GB is the best price point at $17) but you can also get up to 8GB. You can store about 25 games per gig, so a 4GB card will allow you to have 100 games on your system at once
  4. Download the ROM, or image, of the games you are looking for at Nintendo DS ROMS as they currently have over 1000 games ready to download (Disclamer: Downloading ROM’s of games you do not own is illegal and you should only use these ROMS as a backup of a game you already have legally purchased, end silly disclaimer)
  5. Copy the game ROMS onto your MicroSD card
  6. Place the MicroSD card into the R4 and the R4 into your Game Boy
  7. Enjoy your newely downloaded game!


  • If you run out of room on your SD card, delete the game files in the games directory but keep the .sav files, these are your saved game files
  • You can soft reset the device back to the main menu by pressing all the buttons at the same time
  • Some games come with cheat options, which you can enable by pressing Y
  • You can update your Cheat Database and the R4 Kernal from the official R4 website here
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