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Netbooks: Small Inexpensive Laptops for the Masses


Over the last year there has been a new craze, the Netbook.  The term Netbook is used to describe a new type of computer based on the following:

-Cheap as Dirt:  Starting around $200, on average $300-$350

-Intel Atom Processor:  Basic low power processor, don’t expect to do anything fancier then editing basic documents, sending email and browsing the web

-10 Inch Screen:  The average screen size, although 9 inch and 12 inch Netbooks are also available

-2 Pounds:  The average weight of these systems, super light and easy to travel with!

The top five Netbooks right now are:

1. Asus Eee PC 1000H

2. Lenovo IdeaPad S10

3. Acer Aspire One

4. HP Mini 2140

5. Asus N10Jc

Let Beanstalk Computing help you setup your next Netbook!

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New FREE service from Beanstalk Computing: Web Content Filtering!

Would you like to protect your employees or loved ones from browsing to inappropriate websites during office hours or at home?  With the new web content filtering service provided free to customers of Beanstalk Computing, powered by OpenDNS, you now can! 

Advantages of this service include:

– No expensive equipment to maintain, service is absolutely free for all customers!

-Award-winning Web content filtering gives you the power to block up to 50 categories of content.

-Blocks Conficker and other worms by blocking the domains it uses to “phone home.”

-Industry-leading anti-phishing protects everyone on your network from fraudulent phishing scams.

-Detailed statistics empower you to understand your network traffic and spot trends before they become problems.

-Call 800-813-0926 or visit Beanstalk Computing to have this service setup at no cost!


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Xobni: Facebook and LinkedIn in Outlook

image Xobni:  Inbox spelled backwards.  With Xobni for Outlook you find out more about your contacts.  When you get a new email, if that person is a member of Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, or others you will know right away!

Not only that, it indexes your email so you can search email and people faster than you can type.  It threads emails so your conversations are in context, and more!  And best of all, it’s free!

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Are you sick of the phone systems that don’t understand that you want support, support from a live human being, not a multitude of multiple choice answers?  Check this list for the proper way to talk to a human being when you call for support. Get Human!

Here are some examples of good ones:

Microsoft Tech Support 800-642-7676 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.
Dell Tech Support 800-624-9896 Press 3; say agent at each additional prompt, ignoring messages.


Don’t press or say anything.

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