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Windows Phone: Windows Mobile 6.5


Microsoft just launched their Windows Mobile 6.5 Family, dubbed Windows Phone.  Featuring the next generation phones, with easier usability, browser enhancements, and a new user interface.

Using Windows Mobile 6.5 as the software, several top phone companies have banded together with Microsoft to create an amazing line-up. Let’s see what these phones can offer that’s different.

AT&T has released the Tilt 2 by HTC, also available as the HTC Touch Pro 2 by Verizon which is designed to attract business-minded people with its TouchFLO 3D mode and QWERTY keyboard. Even more important is the focus of this phone to provide professionals with an interactive venue for conference calls with a high quality speakerphone.

AT&T’s HTC Pure which is an offshoot of Diamond 2, without the heavy design, is now a sleek, glossy mobile with an autofocus 3.5 megapixel camera, and a 3.2 inch screen.

Verizon matches AT&T with its HTC Imagio which is essentially an upgrade from the Touch Diamond 2. It allows you to customize the phone according to your needs; has a bigger screen, GSM and CDMA with 3G, and the FLO TV tuner. Stream music, sports, news, movies, and even stock market reports with Imagio, and experience the freedom of mobility.

Samsung’s Intrepid which is being retailed for the same price as the Pure is an upgrade of the OMNIA Pro, available from Sprint.

Comparing Windows 6.5 to the older 6.1, the entire experience is upgraded.  But it seems like a minor upgrade from 6.1 and still does not compete with the iPhone in the overall user experience, although the new Windows Marketplace is a step in the right direction to compete with the app store. One reason to buy it is the Exchange ActiveSync technology is a cut above the rest, but on the other hand, why not just wait for Windows Mobile 7.0?



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ErgoMotion™ Keyboard & Mouse by Smartfish

Tired of wrist, hand, back, and shoulder injuries because of constant computer use? If you are on your computer daily for hours on end, then you may have to worry about Carpal Syndrome. Carpal Syndrome is pain caused by repetitive action like typing, sitting hunched over a PC, or just clicking away at the keyboard.

Come December, you can say goodbye to Carpal Syndrome with the new ErgoMotion™ keyboard and mouse from Smartfish. These products will be the first intelligent no-injury computer devices ever introduced, conceptualized and created by Dr. Jack Atzmon in collaboration with New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery.

Not only are they stylish and sleek, this Smartfish mouse has an ambidextrous design so that your wrist is never at an awkward position. The Smartfish keyboard has a patented system that stdies your pattern and makes adjustments to the height, angle and radial position of the device. Your wrist is the top priority with this keyboard, and will even follow your use pattern automatically.

To be sold for only $129.99 for the ErgoMotion™ Keyboard and $49.99 for the ErgoMotion™ Mouse, with 5 year warranty, is compatible with Windows Vista and XP, Smartfish has outgunned all other keyboards and mouse products in one go.


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