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Google Chrome and LastPass: The Way to Browse


I have been experimenting with ALL the browsers on the internet for the best experience.  I have extensively tested Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more.  I have recently made the switch from using Firefox as my main browser to Chrome and let me tell you, it rocks!  Why did I make the switch?

-Chrome is the fastest browser I have tested, hands down.

-Chrome can synchronize my bookmarks and settings across multiple computers.

-Extensions allow me to add useful features to the browser.  I recommend the following:

Facebook – Show facebook updates in a drop down menu

AdBlock -Blocks all internet web advertisements

Google Dictionary – Double click on word to view definition

Google Similar Pages – Discover webpages similar to the one your browsing

IE Tab – Display web pages using IE engine in a window

Invisible Hand -Automatically get the lowest pricing on whatever your buying


Like most people, I have an incredibly hard time remembering all my passwords for all the websites I visit.  I used to use Roboform to manage all my passwords, but have recently switched to LastPass.  Why did I make the switch?

-Its free whereas RoboForm is $30 per computer.

-It synchronizes between multiple computers (and your smartphone for $1 per month)

-It automatically fills in passwords for websites you visit and fills forms to automatically fill in forms.

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How Secure is My Password?

how secure is your password

I have been getting a lot of spam from known email addresses (friends and associates) lately.  Recently, a lot of people’s email/facebook accounts have been hacked into by spammers allowing them to send out spam from their account.  If this happens to you make sure to change your password right away and check how secure your password is at which will tell you how long it would take to hack your password so you can create a strong password

For more security recommendations and a full security audit of your business computer network contact Beanstalk Computing today!

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