I recently upgraded my original 2007 model Kindle (Originally $399) to the all new Kindle which came out a few months ago.  Smaller, Lighter, Faster with 50% Better Contrast.  For those of you who don’t know what a Kindle is, it is a wireless e-reader device.  This is a device specifically designed for reading books.  But can also receive periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs wirelessly automatically as well as Audible Audiobooks and now even games!

But at its heart, it’s a reading device for books.  You can carry 3500 books with you and the glamor is in the e-ink technology which you have to see in person, as the screen looks just like a piece of paper.  Kindle can last up to a month on one charge as the device actually uses NO power to read a page, it only uses power when changing pages. Unlike backlight LCD screens on your phone or an iPad, the screen has no glare and can be viewed in direct sunlight.  Check out this commercial to get an idea of what I mean:

Amazon kindle commercial
Kindle Vs. Ipad Commercial


Bonus Easter Egg, get the new Kindle for $64 Shipped:  If you have the original Kindle, there is an upgrade program from Amazon just for you!  Simply call up Amazon and ask for the upgrade promotion from the original Kindle to the new Kindle.  They will provide you with a $75 credit which brings down the cost of the new Kindle to $64 shipped.  And you can give the old one to a friend or loved one, no need to send it back!

Note:  The Barnes and Noble Nook Color does have a color screen, but it is based on LCD display technology which is NOT a recommended reading device.  If you would like a color reading device, wait until the E-Ink Triton color displays become available later this year.