AT&T, notorious for bad service, has come up with a way to boost the 3G experience and bring it into your home. This is through the 3G Microcell which is a $150 device that’s easy to use, capable of you with providing 5 bar speedy connections and wireless service inside your home for voice and data on your 3G phone. ATT Offers a $100 rebate if you sign up for a monthly plan.

You can optionally subscribe to a plan with a monthly fee of $19.99, which will give you unlimited phone calls on your cell phone through your 3G MicroCell.

I have recently purchased this device for my home, and I can now use my cell phone freely througout the house, before I had NO signal as I was in a dead zone!

Unfortunately, if you have too many walls, then you will experience dropped calls and a weak signal. Still, The 3G MicroCell is a unique gadget to have in the house because it will work even when the weather’s bad, so you don’t have to rely on cell towers all the time.

With 3G technology, you have quicker access that will make it possible to multi-task in areas long before considered as dead zones. AT&T uses High Speed DPA/UM Telephone System which makes it possible to move around your home without signal interruption. Internet and iPhone mobile use becomes possible at the same time. Of course, you will need to check if you have 3G coverage in the area first, and if it has a direct line to your home without being blocked by anything concrete like trees or solid walls.