For Technical Support with removing and wiping your data from your hard drives, contact Beanstalk Computing at 800-813-0926 BEFORE bringing in to Best Buy.

Known for the place to go when buying electronics, Best Buy has now launched another concept called Greener Together™ that’s probably going to make them smell a lot like roses.

A green world is what we should all be striving for and if you have no where else to go to get rid of old gadgets, then try any U.S. Best Buy store. They’re willing to get them off your hands and see that they get disposed off properly. Your mobile phone, keyboard, mouse, or junk TV could even end up recycled as new-fangled device.

There’s a catch – of course. Strictly only 2 items a day will be accepted. In other words, don’t bring a truckload of junk radios and TVs to Best Buy stores. Nothing with Freon, hard drives, TVs with screens bigger than 32 in., and home appliances like microwaves will be accepted. Computers with hard drives still installed will be charged a removal fee of $19.99, so make sure to dispose of your hard drives properly.

For non-Best Buy brand TVs, or anything with a screen smaller than 32’’ a fee of $10 will be charged. In exchange, you will get a $10 Best Buy gift check. This particular requirement has other limitations, check with the nearest Best Buy store for more details.

And lastly, you might be interested to know that Best buy will not do the recycling themselves. They’ve tied up with some of the country’s best recycling companies who will receive these items, who will see how they can be re-used or recycled, or disposed of with minimal harm to Planet Earth.