This is a great new concept that you can enjoy at the convenience of, well, just about anywhere! Boxee.TV is a open source media center with social networking features that will allow you to share movies, music, and even news with your friends. will allow you to stream media like songs, movies, weather, news, etc. right to your computer.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account then you can even share files with your friends.

If your computer is hooked up to a large monitor or a TV, you can control the shows from a remote control, with built in support for the Mac remote or any windows based remote such as the Xbox controller I wrote about in an earlier post.

You will need either a DVI/VGA or HDMI cable to link your computer to the TV, the exact cable would depend on the TV requirements for input and output.

The fun part about is the fact that it is an open source, and what this means for you is that you can play around with it. You can use your own interface, plug-ins, or skins. You can create your own media applications and portals, or use existing applications like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and Howcast, among many others.