Cloud: Flexibility and Control!

You’ve most likely heard about all things cloud. But one of the biggest IT buzzwords also happens to be a relevant strategy for many IT departments. Hosting computing resources off-premises (i.e., in a provider’s data center) has gained a lot of attention recently. Many IT departments still debate over whether they want to adopt cloud computing technologies or stick  with a more traditional on-premises server.

There’s definitely a large amount of momentum behind the cloud: close to 93 percent of organizations use some form of cloud services, according to numbers from Spiceworks. So, what are the top pros of cloud and on-premises to keep in mind?

Ongoing support is simple and easy.

Forget worrying about replacing failing hard drives or patching firmware, and forget tedious system maintenance tasks! Switching to a cloud service can stretch as much or as little as you need it to. Even if you just need a website for a few months or years, you can easily and efficiently set up the cloud and shut it down whenever you please, without having to buy any hardware.

Cloud setup is quick.

Getting started with the cloud can be as simple as filling out an online survey and clicking “send.” Compare that to procuring hardware and project managing and installing!

Cloud is scalable.

With the cloud, you pay-as-you-go and scaling up takes place behind the curtains. Although scaling typically takes time and requires deploying new servers, with the cloud, it’s quick and easy!

Someone else maintains public cloud infrastructure.

With a public cloud, there’s ZERO hardware for you to maintain. The cloud service provider (not you) is the one doing all the work, replacing old machines, and ensuring security is always up-to-date.

Although servers are the default setting for on-premises IT companies, the cloud has its perks. Some companies choose the server over the cloud because they don’t like the idea of their data residing on someone else’s server, potentially in a different state or country. However with the cloud, you can get started right away free of charge and free of installing any hardware. Though it’s always important to be aware of your liabilities before diving into anything.

Ultimately, the choice between the cloud or on-premises work depends on the needs and wants of your organization. Many companies choose to do a little of both. You can get the best of both worlds by mixing the cloud and the server… the choice is yours!