This is a Security Advisory sent to all Beanstalk Computing clients, partners, and contacts. Recently a ransom-ware virus known as the CryptoLocker Virus has been infecting computers and causing extreme damage to businesses internationally that can result in the permanent loss of data. This CryptoLocker is the worst strain of virus that we have seen, which is why we felt it necessary to send this email and bring this to your attention. The CryptoLocker is a new breed of virus that is able to encrypt most important files on your computers including files on any mapped network drive to which you are connected with write access. Once encrypted, your company files will be inaccessible unless you agree to pay the ransom demanded (via online payment, typically via MoneyPAK) by the sender of the virus, or recover your data from backup.  The encryption is currently unbreakable. Once you are presented with the ransom notice the damage has been done. This ransom-ware virus concept is not new, but this is the first time that a such a virus has been capable of doing widespread damage of the type that CryptoLocker has been responsible for. For this reason, we felt it important to remind clients and friends of some best security practices that they can take: 1.)  Back up your data. The importance of a reliable data backup is imperative. There are a number of factors to consider but your backup system should support file revisions as well as offsite data storage. 2.) Run effective Antivirus software. All computers should be protected by an up to date antivirus client. 3.) Do not open attached files via email. This is the most common infection vector for this and many common viruses. Many viruses will attempt to convince you that a file attachment containing the virus is something you really want to read. Be skeptical and careful!  ***Do not click on links within emails you were not expecting. For example: FedEx package, BBB complaint, domain expiring, etc. 4.) Use a spam filtering service. More than 80% of the email traffic on a daily basis is unwanted Spam email. A spam filtering service can prevent the vast majority of spam email making it to your inbox and can be particularly helpful in preventing the spread of viruses via infected attachments. 5.) Additional software solutions. These can include web content filtering, Firewall security services and software restriction policies put in place on your network. Limiting your exposure to security threats is the key and there are many options available in the type layered approach that Beanstalk Computing recommends to our clients.For any more information on CryptoLocker and safeguards please feel free to contact our team direct by emailing [email protected] or calling (800) 813-0926. For more information please see the links below: What you will see if you are infected! malware warning