Dell Latitude Z600: World’s Thinnest and Lightest 16 Inch Laptop, Beanstalk Computing can save you $500 off the cost of a system

Dell Latitude Z: Form. Function. Brains. Beauty.

Its another beautiful day here in San Diego and I am writing this blog post on my new laptop starring out at the waves on Mission Beach.  The Dell Latitude Z600 is a business grade laptop that’s only a half inch thick, 4.5 pounds, and houses a beautiful 1600*900 16 inch screen.  Call Beanstalk Computing today to find out how we can save you over $500 off the cost of this system (Normally starting around two grand)

Z600 Feature In Depth

I chose this system because I carry my laptop on my back every day and I wanted to something very light and easy to carry but also have a large screen.  Every other thin and light I have seen only has a 13 inch or smaller screen, and so I came to the conclusion of getting one of these systems.  Dell has put a lot of effort into keeping the system thin by designing all the components to fit into a super thin shell, that means things like a solid state drive and memory are directly soldered to the motherboard similar to the new Macbook Air; which removes the need for extra housing inside the system.


Being a business laptop, a lot of security features are available.  The system has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which is a secure cryptoprocessor.  It adds a harware layer of security to your computer.  For example, I have it setup so that when the computer first boots up, even before windows starts, I have it ask me to swipe my finger to unlock the system.

Another neat trick is what Dell calls FaceAware.  This uses the built in webcam to automatically lock the computer when you step away from the system.

Another interesting feature of this laptop is what Dell calls Latitude On.  They are trying to merge the gap betweeen a smartphone and your laptop.  It is a separate Linux OS on your system that runs on its own dedicated hardware.  Because it doesn’t have to rely on your main CPU, hard drive and everything else, it can last over 40 hours on a single charge with the 8 cell battery!

Latitude On Video