Discover The Sony Altus Multi-Room Music System

I just love being able to walk through my house and listen to the same music in every room, perfectly synchronized and sounding great. This is why Sony has introduced the new Sony Altus Multi-Room Music System that you can hook up to your PC or iPod/iPhone. With this kind of audio system, you don’t even need an expensive audio system. The music transmits wirelessly from your PC or iPod/iPhone up to eight rooms in your home or office.

As expected, the sound quality is Sony – superb and crystal clear. Without the annoying cords and wires, you can walk from room to room, enjoying your favorite tunes without worrying about how to set up your system, or trip over wires. This wireless PC transmitter is a simple USB dongle, which means no worries, no stress.

If you’re worried about how to set it up, don’t be. Beanstalk Computing can schedule someone to go in and professionally install the whole system for you. All you need to do is set an appointment and be there when the doorbell rings.

Now you can stream tunes from your play list and music channels straightaway, and have the luxury of Sony’s optional 8 S-Air speakers which you can add to your system.

The best part about this is that you know Sony is quality. It has a reputation that spans years of expertise and crosses borders to provide personalized service as well as quality sound.

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