Android is the an OS created by Google, running on the Linux open source kernel. Today, it’s causing quite a stir with the launch of the droid phone from Verizon.

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The Motorola droid phone from Verizon is being touted as the answer to the iphone on Verizon, finally a descent smartphone from Verizon! The Xperia X10 released by Sony is another player in the field trying to wrangle a share of the huge mobile phone market. Can the droids really knock out the iPhone?  Probably not, but it will but another nail in the coffin for Windows Mobile.

Let’s look at what Verizon can offer: a bigger screen, better resolution, keyboard and touch screen, better cell signal, and multitasking. But let’s compare this to the iPhone….

The iPhone is lighter, more stylish, has a ton of apps, music and video synching, accessories, and design. Of course, it’s got a huge customer base already who are very happy with their iPhone.

Now let’s look at the Sony. Xperia X10 only uses the Android 1.6, unlike the Verizon’s 2.0 and this means it misses out on the new features that the updated Android OS offers. However, the Droid only has 5 mega-pixel while the Xperia X10 boasts of 16x zoom, and a mega-pixel of 8.1 with video recording. The Xperia X10, which was called originally Rachael, won’t be out until early 2010.

Do we go with the new droid phones, or will the iPhone still be the leader of the pack? Hard to say right now, but definitely, droids are here to stay, and that can only mean better mobile communications for everyone!

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