Now that we have become a global village, it has become imperative that communications keep you on top of your business. Your client list has now grown from being local to international, especially if you have a website and entertain clients or buyers from all over the world.

You can now enjoy free conference calls with You can have up to 150 people from anywhere in the world be a part of your conference call, and this can last for as long as 5 hours!

It has amazing service features including the ability to record your conference call which you can download later on.  This is perfect for meetings and discussions that you would like to review later.

This service will speed up your business transactions, allowing you to increase your income potential by a big margin. Imagine, instead of having to wait for email replies which can be very constricting because of time zones and the common problem of insufficient information, you can get feedback instantly. And best of all, its COMPLETELY free!