Google Chrome and LastPass: The Way to Browse


I have been experimenting with ALL the browsers on the internet for the best experience.  I have extensively tested Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more.  I have recently made the switch from using Firefox as my main browser to Chrome and let me tell you, it rocks!  Why did I make the switch?

-Chrome is the fastest browser I have tested, hands down.

-Chrome can synchronize my bookmarks and settings across multiple computers.

-Extensions allow me to add useful features to the browser.  I recommend the following:

Facebook – Show facebook updates in a drop down menu

AdBlock -Blocks all internet web advertisements

Google Dictionary – Double click on word to view definition

Google Similar Pages – Discover webpages similar to the one your browsing

IE Tab – Display web pages using IE engine in a window

Invisible Hand -Automatically get the lowest pricing on whatever your buying


Like most people, I have an incredibly hard time remembering all my passwords for all the websites I visit.  I used to use Roboform to manage all my passwords, but have recently switched to LastPass.  Why did I make the switch?

-Its free whereas RoboForm is $30 per computer.

-It synchronizes between multiple computers (and your smartphone for $1 per month)

-It automatically fills in passwords for websites you visit and fills forms to automatically fill in forms.