San Diego IT Support Services

Remote IT Management and Computer Health Monitoring

Just as you would make sure your car has regular oil changes, you should also keep your computer network constantly updated and running smoothly.

Beanstalk Computing is dedicated to providing the IT support services you need to keep your technology investments running smoothly and effectively. This way, you and your staff can focus on the daily business operations without being bogged down by poor IT performance. Our primary goal is provide ongoing IT support to small businesses, providing the tools necessary to keep your staff productive and your business moving forward.

Each business is unique and as such, we work with each of our clients to ensure that your specific IT support services are suited specifically for your businesses needs and budget. In addition to this, our services support a wide variety of devices including desktop computers, laptop, tablets, and mobile devices. So no matter what device you are using, your IT systems work exactly the same across the board for any device.

With our 24×7 proactive monitoring, we can detect and correct IT issues before they become serious and begin negatively impacting your business’ performance. Regular maintenance and monitoring of your employee workstations, servers and other devices allows for a peace-of-mind for business owners because if a problem does in fact arise, you can rest easy knowing Beanstalk Computing is their to protect your bottom line.

We also offer upgradable plans to help budget your IT costs by including unlimited monthly IT support at a fixed monthly cost.



* Windows – Installing and Upgrading
* Setting Up & Managing User Accounts
* Network Installing / Configuring
* Setting Up Network Printers
* Securing Resources
* Administering Shared Folders
* Configuring Windows 7/ Vista/ XP / 2000 / 2003 / SBS / 98 / Media Center
* Configuring Security Settings
* Managing Data Storage
* Data Backup & Restoration
* Configuring Network & Internet Connections
* Removing Spyware
* Blocking Intruders with Hardware or Software Firewall

PC Tune-up

* Spyware / Adware / Pop-up Removal and Prevention
* Virus Detection and Removal
* Registry Clean-up


* Installation, Upgrading, Configuration, Troubleshooting
* Increase Memory (RAM)
* Graphic card / Sound card / TV card / HDTV card
* CD / DVD drives / burners
* Diagnose and repair printers
* PDAs


* Active Directory 2003/2008
* Remote Access
* File
* Printer / Fax
* Web / FTP
* Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010
* Symantec


* Network Infrastructure Design and Installation
* Setup Home / Office Network
* Internet Setup / Sharing
* Printer / Scanner Sharing
* Setup Remote Access
* Wireless Networking
* Setup Computer to Computer Remote Access
* Mapping Network Drives
* File and Printer Sharing
* Setup VPN (Hardware and Software)
* Setup Remote Desktop


* Backup (Veritas)
* Critical Updates
* Systems / Data recovery
* Password Reset
* Installation and Troubleshooting


* Install Anti-Virus Software
* Install Security Updates & Patches
* Firewall Install

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