Back in the day, it all started with the IBM Model M Keyboard.  These keyboards were built so well many of them are still used today, while the computers and monitors of the day are obsolete.

Most computers these days come with a freebee dome-switch keyboard and I have been typing on these most of my life.  They are inexpensive to make and pretty much everyone on earth types on one of these things.

I am typing on my new mechanical switch keyboard.  Based on technology from 1984, these keyboards use real switches underneath each and every key.  Most modern mechanical switches are made by a company called Cherry Corporation out of Germany.

A mechanical switch keyboard reminds me of the keyboard I grew up with in the 80’s on my dad’s IBM computer.  It is very comfortable to type on and has a satisfying click when the key is depressed but be warned, these keyboards tend to be loud and should not be used in an office environment as demonstrated in this video.

I chose the Razer BlackWidow keyboard because of its excellent review on Newegg TV as shown below.  For a review of 8 other high end keyboards check out article here