If you have been looking for a device that will allow you to do online work just about anywhere, then the MiFi is for you. This is a handy credit-card size Wifi access point that works extremely fast, and can accommodate up to 5 different devices.

Touted to be the world’s first ever Intelligent Mobile Hotspot for CDMA from Novatel. The MiFi 2200 has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery capacity of up to 4 hours in full capacity if being used on one device only, and has up to a 30 foot range. It is also GPS enabled and carries an advanced antenna system.

How can you get connected? You can choose Sprint’s MiFi package which includes a $99.99 deal for the MiFi card, provided you avail of the mail in rebate of $50. Then you have pay $59.99 a month for the subscription.

Verizon, on the other hand has several choices starting with a plan that does not even require a subscription. But you have to pay full price of $269.99 for the MiFi package. You can choice from a $15 day pass, a $39.99 250MB monthly rate, or a 5GB package with a monthly rate of $59.99.