Nintendo and Netflix announced a new partnership


Maybe that standalone streaming Netflix subscription won’t be completely overpriced after all. At least if you own a Nintendo 3DS.

On Thursday morning, Nintendo and Netflix announced a new partnership to bring streaming movies to Nintendo’s fledgling 3DS console, a move that seems like a boon to both companies, and means that you will eventually be able to watch 3D movies on the go.

“Nintendo is a terrific partner with Netflix,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement. “We’re excited to extend the partnership to include streaming on Nintendo 3DS.”

The announcement comes just days after Netflix unveiled a new subscription plan that will charge separate $7.99-a-month prices for DVD-by-mail and streaming services, essentially a 60% price hike from the company’s old all-encompassing $9.99 plan.

Yes, that meant plenty of badwill (who wanted to pay more money, really?), but the extension to 3DS consoles could bring a little bit of good. Netflix draws 1.5 million users a day on the Nintendo Wii, so both companies have already experienced success.

A free downloadable Netlix app is now available in Nintendo’s eShop to make this all happen. The program will launch with a basic library of Netflix offerings, but Nintendo said in a statement that customers would “soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses.”

That effectively brings a whole new level of content to Netflix’s streaming services while simultaneously revitalizing the 3DS market. Sales for Nintendo’s newest portable have been less-than-stellar, but on-the-go 3D movie content could easily inject life into the market, possibly drawing movie fans who are not even into gaming.

The 3DS has already shown itself capable of presenting quality 3D movies; a “Green Lantern” trailer was available for download about a month ago, and a “Yogi Bear 3D” trailer shined at a few pre-release events.

“The new Netflix application looks great, plays great and is a fantastic consumer experience,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “. . . Nintendo 3DS truly offers something for everyone.”

Nifty, right? Just keep a few things in mind that you’ll need WiFi access to enjoy all that streaming content (forget your underground subway commute), and you’ll need to fork over that $7.99 a month.