Network Security

As the world becomes more and more intertwined with technology, extensive security precautions have become an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes and in any industry. And, as technology has become more advanced and efficient, so too have those who look to take advantage of those without the necessary safety measures. Without the proper network security in place, your business and it’s network assets are at risk.

Network Security in it’s most basic form, is any activity that is intended to protect your business’ network. More specifically, these activities are designed to protect the safety and reliability of your entire network and the data that is contains. Network security safeguards your computers, network and other devices to ensure that potential threats are stopped from both entering and spreading throughout your business’ network.

These threats come in a variety of different forms but the most common threats to your network include:

  • Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Spyware and adware
  • Identity theft
  • Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks
  • Hackers
  • Data theft and interception

Beanstalk Computing protects our clients networks through a variety of hardware and software that work harmoniously to protect your business assets. Through the use of firewall, anti-virus, intrusion prevention systems and much more network protection tactics, we can greatly reduce the risk of a breach in your network security.

With Beanstalk’s network security protecting your business network, you can rest easy knowing that your computers, devices, software and business data are safe.

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