You may not know it, but when you buy a new computer, it comes with several pre-installed programs, some of which can be running in the background, without your knowledge.

On the other hand, if you have been using your computer for a while and noticed that your computer has slowed down for no reason at all, you might want to consider a maintenance check and clean out the junk you may have accumulated over the past months.

Bloatware are applications that you don’t use, have been installed but have been overwritten, or programs that you had no idea even existed in your PC. In other words, it’s stuff you have, but don’t need.

By using PC Decrapifier (unusual name, but works since you won’t forget it easily), you can improve the performance of your computer, and clean up space on your hard drive for new programs.

This is a powerful program that has been recommended by many computer experts from Wall Street Journal, New York Tomes, PC World, and Washington Post, among many others. They think this is an excellent cleaning tool, and you will too after you try it and discover just how convenient it is to have it around. We also recommend CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) to help clean up temporary files and registry errors.