Product Spotlight: Palm Pre Wins Best of The Consumer Electronics Show


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the worlds largest consumer technology tradeshow.  The winner this year for best new product is the Palm Pre.

Many were worried that Palm was dead, and that this was Palm’s “last chance” to wow us.  I admit, even I gave up on Palm after 10 YEARS just a few weeks ago and switched to HTC.  If only I waited a few more weeks, I would have had what I consider the first MAJOR competitor to the iPhone.

With a completely reworked touch operating system called webOS this looks to be an easy yet powerful operating system.  It is based on the web, so if you can program for the web, you can program for the webOS.  With full Exchange email support, and the ability to easily mutitask, this phone can run multiple programs at once, something the iPhone can’t do.

As long as they come out with an App Store as easy to use at the iPhone, it will be a huge success.  Even though this is a revolutionary phone, the skeptics are worried that software developers will be hesitant to jump on board, since they already have iPhone, Google Phone, and Windows Mobile to develop for already.  I think they will be fine, the original Palm OS has more apps then any other phone platform, and they can do it again.

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