Thermaltake’s Level 10 Chassis Revealed!


The launch of the Thermaltake Level 10 Chassis upon us. This is one of the most unique computer cases to hit the market since the Antec Skeleton, the case I am using now.         image

Level 10 is a collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW DesignWorks. It’s innovative and decidedly unique concept will thrill enthusiasts that will knock all other cases out of the game.

This giant chassis measures 12.5 inches x 2 feet x 26.2 inches, and is pretty heavy at 47 pounds. It’s got a central pillar and individual compartments for power supply, hard drives, and optical drives. You can do so much with this chassis, it’s unbelievable!

The design engineers took into consideration the fact that enthusiasts will work and play non-stop and this is why every compartment is individually ventilated. With big panels covering the removable motherboard, GPUs, and PCI-E cards, you now have easier access to all your components. It also has 6 slots for hot-swap SATA hard drives with a cool red LED, mounted on 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives. You will find the precious optical drives at the top right corner and the power supply on the opposite side.

The red LED strip crosses the top and rear sides, with red LED exhaust and intake fans along the motherboard panels. Hooking up your cables will not be a problem because of easy access in the rear.

A $700 chassis is a very steep a price to pay, and since this is a new concept in casing, it’s now a wait and see if everything will really pull together to change the landscape of gaming for hardcore enthusiasts.