Last Wednesday I flew out to Vegas for a one day whirlwind fly around the CES showfloor.  I saw some really AWSOME stuff out there and here are my favorites:


100+ Inch 8k to OLED to Glasses Free 3DTVs

There were TV’s and monitors EVERYWHERE at CES this year, but here were the highlights I found interesting:


1.  Samsung 105 inch ultra wide screen bendable TV:  A BENDABLE TV, at 105 inches this thing is huge.  When you are watching alone or with a few friends put it in curved mode and so you are all in the immersive sweet spot.  When gathering with a larger group, straigten it out so that you can all have a great view.  The 105 inch non-bendable model costs $120,000 so who knows what ridiculous price this will be.

2.  Samsung 110 inch 8k Glasses Free TV:  4K was huge at CES this year, every single TV on the show floor was a 4k or better TV.  With this much hardware, I am hoping that 2015 will be there year that 4k content blows up.  But in the future, 8k TV’s will be next.  8k content is apparently showing up in Japan next year.  How much bandwith would you need to to a basic 8k highly compressed stream?  Well, Netflix is currently steraming 4k at about 15 megs down.  8k being four times more then 4k, should require then a minimum of 60 megs down.  Better upgrade your internet!  But for now, we got a glimpse at 8k TV’s from Sharp, Samsung and more.  The most impressive was Samsungs 8k Glasses Free 110 Inch TV, WOW!

3.  LG OLED HDR TV:  LG was showing off its new OLED (Organic LED) HDR (High Dynamic Range) TV.  They showed a comparison of this versus a standard 4K TV, and the blacks and the colors and contrast coming of this thing blew the other TV out of the water, it was specacular

4.   Sony’s showstopper, the worlds thinnest 4K LED TV at 5mm thin




Bonus Article:  TV’s at CES are bigger and bendier



34 Inch Ultra Widescreen Curved Desktop Monitors

Dell, Samsung, LG, pretty much everyone was showing off their new ultra wide screen curved desktop monitors.  The curve could actually work on a monitor, as it is typically viewed by one person and you should always be in the sweetspot.  They start at about $1000.  But who would want just one?  I need at least two.

Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor


Portable Computing and Intel’s 5th Generation Processor

Dell XPS 13:  This was the show stopper to me.  The most stricking thing about this thing is the screen, there is NO bezle.  Its a 13 inch screen in a 12 inch laptop, and it is being sold starting at $799.  You can get it now at the Microsoft Store in San Diego and around the country.

Lenovo LaVie Z:  Lenovo and NEC have teamed up to create the worlds lighted 13 inch laptop and hybid.  I picked this thing up and I thought it was a mock up or a fake.  It was so light it nearly fell UP out of my hands.  It was shockinginly light, we are talking 1.7 pounds for a 13 inch comptuer, a full pound lighter then the mac book air!


Intel’s Compute Stick

You can turn any HDMI display into a Windows 8.1 computer for $149.  This is a tiny little computer for basic users that includes Windows 8.1, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, and a fifth generation Core M CPU.  There is also a Linux version for $89.  There is just enough power here for some light work, web surfing, streaming media, and could be a cheap solution to connect back to a virtual desktop or terminal server.



Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headsets

There really is now way to show this on video, you really need to experience it to really get a feel for it.  I had the pleasure of testing out the Oculus Rift at CES and I was blown away.  The demos they were showing were spectacular.  This thing has been in development for years now, and they have worked out many of the kinks.  Some of the hightlights in the demo were a scale model of a city that I could walk around, and lower my head right down into the details of the model, moving around and looking at each individual peice.  Another demo I was standing on a ledge overlooking a steep drop over the edge of a skyscraper.  I felt vertigo just like I was there.  In a final demo, I was being shot at and I almost could feel the bullets and shrapnel piercing my skin. I cant wait until this thing is released!


Oculus’ little brother is the Samsung Gear VR which is available now for $199.  This headset snaps into the Samsung Note 4 Smarrtphone which acts as the brains, display and connection to your virtual reality world.  To get started with VR now, this is your ticket to ride!


In-Win S-Frame Premium Computer Case

In Win open-frame chassis with a unique one-piece construction design concept combining unconventional craftsmanship techniques to create an impeccable artistry.
The new gold and black design with detailed aluminum brushed hairline texture made new S-Frame truly luxurious and exquisite.  Available now on newegg for $799, Gasp!

inwin inwin2