I recently purchased a Kindle Fire, which is awesome by the way.  But one thing I realized was that for some bizarre reason you can have two Amazon accounts associated with the same email address if they have different passwords.

This is a rather quirky and slightly disturbing fact about Amazon.  This has caused me confusion for quite some time.  I have had my Android phone for some time connected to one amazon account and to my amazement my Kindle Fire to another completely separate account with the same exact email address but a different password.  The apps, magazines and videos I have purchased on my phone should be syncing to my new Kindle Fire but they were not due to the fact that I was using two completely separate accounts with the same email address.  Why on earth Amazon would allow such a confusing thing to happen is beyond me.  And when I asked support to combine the accounts into one this was their response:

“I’m unable to combine account information into a single account or merge your accounts due to technical limitations in our systems. “

Technical Limitations?  Why have this be a possibility in the first place?