According to the April 2010 issue of Laptop Magazine the best laptop PC brand to purchase is Lenovo!

lenovo think pad

“Lenovo’s ThinkPad T410s is one of the fasted notebooks we have EVER tested while still remaining highly portable. Not only did Lenovo have a very good year, but things are looking even brighter with the expected arrival of its breathtaking skylight smartbook and innovative U1 Hybrid tablet-notebook.”

The top five notebook brands are:

1. Lenovo

2. Sony

3. Toshiba

4. Asus

5. Dell

At the bottom of the list?  HP!

“In addition to having the highest failure rate of any brand (25.6 percent), HP provoked a vitriolic response from our readers, who mostly complained about heat issues; 41 percent graded them as a D or below.  One Reader wrote, “HP tech support is truly horrific,” and another said, “HP is probably the worst manufacturer…its hardware and design have always been a huge problem.


broken laptop