Forget about Vista! At least that’s what Microsoft wants you to do. They have brought out Windows 7 very quickly, and mainly to wash away the bad taste of Vista, yuk!  Beanstalk Computing is recommending that their clients either stick with Windows XP or wait until Windows 7 is released on October 22nd. Note that if you buy a computer now with Vista you will get an upgrade to 7 free!


What version of Windows 7 should you get?  According to SuperSite the choice will come down to two or, at most, three choices, Windows 7 Home Premium, which is aimed at consumers, Windows 7 Pro, which adds some business-oriented features, and Windows 7 Ultimate, the “uber” version of Windows 7.

Most consumers should go for Home Premium.  It’s priced right, it includes the features that consumers want, and it’s not missing any major functionality.

In the business world, Beanstalk Computing recommends Windows 7 Professional.  It includes support for Active Directory based domains.  You also gain access to Windows XP Mode, a virtual fully licensed copy of Windows XP, so you are guaranteed that ALL legacy software will work!  Its like two operating systems in one!  Some other features include support for 192GB of RAM, automated network backups, remote desktop, offline file support, and presentation mode.

Windows 7 Ultimate includes every single feature.  Compared to Windows 7 Professional, there are only a few differences that apply to individuals, so its a pretty uninteresting upgrade.   The main addition is BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, the drive encryption add on, but that’s about it.


Upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista is a snap.  Simply put the CD in and click a few buttons and go.  Note that you have to keep in the same or higher version to upgrade.  IE, Vista Home Basic can be upgraded to Vista Home Premium or higher, but Vista Ultimate can not be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.  Unfortunately, Windows XP has no direct upgrade path, you would have to format and reinstall from scratch.  You can, however take advantage of the upgrade pricing.


Pricing for Windows 7 Upgrades is as follows:  $119.99 for Windows Home Premium, $199.99 for Windows 7 Professional, and $219.99 for Windows 7 Ultimate.  For the full version the pricing is $199.99 for Home Premium, $299.99 for Professional, and $319.99 for Ultimate.

Let Beanstalk Computing help your business upgrade to Windows 7, we offer a free audit to see how Windows 7 can improve your business.