Microsoft has recently released Windows Phone 7.5 and will soon be releasing Windows 8.  Both use the same type of interface so your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers will all run a new interface and all run new apps called Metro apps.

Now that Microsoft has bought Nokia, researched are predicting Microsoft will be number two in phones behind Google and beating what will become the number three player, Apple.  I think that Blackberry is going down and WebOS is dead, leaving just those three left.

Paul Thurrotte is a well respecting blogger in the Windows community with his SuperSite for Windows and has this to say about Windows Phone:

“Windows Phone is the most useful, usable, and innovative smart phone platform available. It’s nicer than the old-fashioned “whack a mole” iPhone user interface, which forces you to jump in and out of individual apps over and over again, like we used to do in MS-DOS. And don’t get me started on Android: Google hasn’t found an interface that’s not worth stealing, and Android is a patchwork of inconsistent yet vaguely familiar user interfaces. It makes me feel dirty just using it.”

And finally, Microsoft has release a first of many videos showcasing Windows 8 as below: