Imagine never having to plug your cell phone in to charge your battery, or being able to watch TV or movies on your home theater without seeing any wires from the back of your TV. This is just a few examples of things to come very soon.

It’s an amazing new technology wherein you just don’t need to use power cables anymore, ever again. You just need to have one energy source in the room, and it will charge any gadget, appliance, iPhone, or eventually even an electric car.

The technology being developed by Witricity, uses a system of low frequency electromagnetic waves to power up your batteries or electrical appliances.

As long as you have a main coil, and your appliance or phone has a corresponding coil, you won’t even have to bring them close to each other. Your phone can remain inside your bag, and it will still be able to get charged by the main coil!

Say goodbye to unsightly wires and annoying plugs that are dangerous anyway to begin with. The future is so much more exciting now with wireless power.