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Beanstalk Computing, Inc is dedicated to providing friendly, knowledgeable computer support services to southern california businesses.

Running your business with as little downtime as possible may seem like a pipedream to some, but we’re here to make I.T. happen. We understand the rigors of looming deadlines and the fact that in business, your most pressing worries should not be whether or not your computers are functioning.

That’s where we come in.

Seamlessly integrating great support with a cheery manner and no-nonsense explanations (we send you a confirmation email after every visit detailing work done and any issues we’ve identified), Beanstalk Computing, Inc is local, affordable and on your side.


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Remote Assistance

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Jason Brooks of Beanstalk Computing is a hands on consultant. With a few questions on our operations he was able to see some holes that needed fixing. Jason is a good man to have on your team.

Gregory Hankins, Inside Prospects, Inc